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Welcome to the Peacock Gap Neighborhood


Hot off the Press
19 October PROMOTION: “Winter Special” pricing program for advertising on the PGHA website: 3 months (ex: Nov, Dec, Jan) for $150.00 total, October is included for free for early responders
12 September Candidates' Night - 30 September, 7-9pm - St. Luke Church
31 August Point San Pedro Road Coalition - Annual Community Meeting on 21 Sept!
2 August Voice Your opinion about new median trees plan on Pt. San Pedro Road
25 July Security Issue Update (Members Only members only)
2 July CHANGE OF DATE: Department of Public Works - Notice: Board of Supervisors Hearing on San Rafael Rock Quarry Surface Mining and Quarry Permit - 16 July 2013 (Members Only members only)
31 May Summary report on the recent Community Meeting regarding current and planned projects on Pt. San Pedro Road has been completed and can now be found on the Coalition's website.
16 May SPRC community meeting re: Point San Pedro Road and Median Development on 21 May @ 6:30pm
13 May Some “Trips” Aren’t Worth Taking… - Despite all of our hopes to the contrary, sidewalk maintenance falls to the homeowner’s responsibility throughout San Rafael. Any “trippy” ramifications of the concrete roller-coaster-like terrain in front of your home is your legal responsibility, not the City of San Rafael’s. See: Ca. Streets and Highways Code section 5610-5618. Old growth tree roots are a major contributor to our cracked and dangerous sidewalk condition. The Public Works Department is willing to help, to some extent, in the solution. But, if someone falls and gets hurt, you, as the property owner, will be the one to pay the price. Your insurance company may not advocate for you on an uncorrected “unsafe condition”. Play it safe… We urge you to Fix your sidewalk!

For more information regarding possible help from the City of San Rafael, please email or contact us via mail sent to Peacock Gap HOA, 384 Bel Marin Keys #210, Novato, CA 94949-5362.

6 May Litigation Disclosure (24 July 2012) (Members Only members only)
12 February Point San Pedro Road Median Landscaping Assessment District Project. Letter from San Rafael Public Works Director, Nadar Mansourian.
26 January Marin County has implemented a Telephone Emergency Notification System (TENS) to notify residents of a wide range of emergencies by phone and other means. Recently, the TENS system was enhanced with the ability to include cell phones in the emergency call list. To add your information and cell number to this TENS system, go to and complete the requested information. For more information, read this January 22 Marin IJ article.
12 January The PGHA Board is looking to fill two open Board Member seats available immediately. Qualifications apply. Interested individuals should respond via Additionally, we are also looking for a Website Content Creator/Editor.
16 December Neighborhood Watch alert (Members Only members only)
24 November Now you can meet your neighbors online at
24 November Technology Update
18 November New Important Bulletin (Members Only members only)
16 November Point San Pedro Median Landscaping Project, Designs and Schedule | Presentation | Status, 15 Nov
5 November Open Positions within the City Government: a) Park and Recreation Commission, b) Library Board of Trustees


Update: Medians Improvement Project

Median IslandOn Monday 9/26/12, the PGHA president signed the next contract pertaining to the finishing work of our Medians Improvement Project…specifically as it applies to the median islands on Riviera Drive. With this milestone behind us, the installation of the beautiful plants and associated irrigation distribution system will begin very soon (mid October) slated for completion by the end of October 2012. Blooming flowers are right around the corner, just in time for spring!

The PGHA Board wishes to thank all residents of the Riviera Dr. area for their undying patience during this last year or so as the Board worked tirelessly to facilitate the finalization of this important aspect of our beautification plan.

Congratulations to all who helped to make this happen.



Other News & Updates


Marin to update
Community Plan
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District 1: Newsletter
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Energy Upgrade California
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Earlier this year, the Peacock Gap HOA invited residents to submit their most awe-inspiring neighborhood pictures for sharing on our website—pictures that would reflect the essence and beauty of “Life in the Gap.”

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Welcome to the PGHA web site, dedicated to the Peacock Gap residential area in San Rafael, Marin County, California.

Peacock Gap mapWithin these pages you will find many interesting stories, facts, and articles about this wonderful area in Marin and the surrounding neighborhoods. Also available is an ever-growing library of our governing documents, our Board meeting agendas and minutes, and links to our history and other newsworthy items. Please tour these pages, and learn more about our dynamic neighborhood.

Peacock Gap celebrated its half-century mark last year, and during this time we have grown and developed to become one of Marin’s most sought-after areas to call home. We invite you to explore our neighborhood.

Should you have questions, comments, or want to get more involved in the PGHA, please click on Contacts in the menu above. We are always looking for new ideas, and welcome your comments and suggestions. And please volunteer – your all-volunteer Board needs your input and your energy.

Thank you,

Greg Faulkner
President Emeritus / Legal Chair

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