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Board & Committee Members, Terms & Current Vacancies

There is a vacancy on the PGHA Board of Directors, and applications are being accepted. Contact President Terry Anderson at if you are interested or need more information.

Board members must be over 21, a resident/owner in Peacock Gap and current in the payment of all dues and assessments.


Name Office or Committee Board Member Term Ends
Terry Anderson President Yes December 31, 2017
Catherine Newhall Vice-President and Web Associate Yes December 31, 2017
Bob David Secretary Yes December 31, 2017
Howard Sackson Board Member Yes December 31, 2016
Leo Isotalo President Emeritus / CC&Rs Chair Yes December 31, 2016
Judith Coombes Board Member Yes December 31, 2016
Rosalie Weigle Architectural Co-Chair Yes December 31, 2017
Claudia Held Neighbor-to-Neighbor Chair Yes December 31, 2016
Daniel Warren Medians Chair Yes December 31, 2017
Steven Shottenfeld Board Member Yes December 31, 2016
vacant     December 31, 2016
vacant     December 31, 2017


Please note that the Board meets monthly in the evening and attendance at meetings is required. This is a very active Board, and most current members have Board-related responsibilities in addition to the meetings.



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