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About The Homeowners' Association

Board Members
Listing of existing Peacock Gap HOA Board Members, their functions and terms.
Board Minutes
The official records of our Board meetings are contained in our meeting minutes. This library contains minutes from early 2008 until today.
Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting is held in early November of each year. Prior to the meeting, a proposed budget is circulated. As we get closer, agenda and other important aspect of our annual HOA meeting will be posted here.
Governing Documents
Peacock Gap HOA was originally registered as a Non-Profit Corporation and Articles of Incorporation filed on February 4, 1964. We keep the amended Articles from 1967 on file here.
Assessments & Billing
Assessments & Billing is done by Eugene Burger Management Company. Membership dues and contact information can be found in this section.
The HOA is run completely by volunteers committed to improving our neighborhood. We need all kinds of assistance, so if you are interested in helping out in any way, let us know!


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