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The Peacock Gap HOA Median Improvement Project


This project got underway at the 2006 annual HOA BBQ. Riviera Drive homeowners Sue and Hugh Campbell fed-up with the deteriorated state of the medians set up a committee table and invited fellow homeowners to join the committee.

The first official committee meeting occurred in September 2006. The minutes are here and you can see that the Committee started with many questions.
The Committee’s first task was to inventory the medians with photographs and measurements. These data would be essential in the next step, soliciting a partnership with the City of San Rafael:

Inventory Report (7Mb)

Realizing that a source of funds was essential to moving this project forward, and getting crucial participation by the City, the HOA Board in 2007 authorized the assessment of $200 per lot. These funds remain in a separate account awaiting the finalization of the bidding process.

During 2007 and into 2008, the Committee met regularly with City officials to develop a joint plan to improve the medians. These meetings came to fruition in early 2008 with a final draft project contract and landscaping plans. See design plans [here]. A key element of this contract was on-going maintenance support from the HOA. The City would be contributing services and providing water supply, where available, but could not commit to the on-going maintenance expense.

At about the same time, the Board had reached the conclusion that it could not meet minimal operating budget needs without increased annual assessments. The Board decided that the two questions – committing to median maintenance and increasing annual assessments – should be subject to a vote of the entire Association. The vote was held in May of 2008 and the Association approved both measures.



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