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San Marino Entryway Improvements

July 2 - The new monument at San Marino Drive and Pt San Pedro Road got its peacock sign recently, signaling the close of Phase I of the Medians Improvement Project


These are the current plans for the San Marino monument at the southeast corner of San Marino Drive and Pt San Pedro Road.  These plans differ from the earlier posted plans in that there is a change from cobblestones to gravel for the hardscape, to match the medians at Peacock and Riviera, and to save costs. Construction will begin within two weeks from 4-9-10 and should be complete within two weeks from start of construction. Work on refurbishing the Biscayne Drive entrance median will be done at the same time. Conclusion of these two tasks will complete Phase I of the Medians Project.

Submitted by Tom Loucks, Medians Chair

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