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Draft Planting Plan for the Medians

These draft planting plans from the landscape architecture firm of Ralph J. Alexander & Associates, for the City of San Rafael, illustrate the location and type of plantings at the Peacock and Riviera medians. The five medians on Peacock and the first median on Riviera, which have access to water, will receive irrigation and planting upgrades. Medians two through four on Riviera will be cleaned up and the trees and some of the oleanders will be retained, with crushed rock added throughout. The entryway median at Biscayne will be cleaned up as part of regular maintenance activities.

L-1 Draft Planting Plan for Medians on Peacock Drive
L-2 Draft Planting Plan for Medians on Riviera Drive and Biscayne Drive

The letter coding of the median vegetation references trees, shrubs and ground covers, example of which can be found in the Photo Gallery.


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