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Street Maintenance

Maintenance of sidewalks and planting strips in Peacock Gap

The sidewalk and planting strips in front of the homes in Peacock Gap are the responsibility of the City of San Rafael.  However, there are exceptions.

The homeowner is responsible to maintain these areas free of debris and hazards and keep the property clean, neat and visually appealing.  This includes general yard cleanup as well as trimming and weed removal.  The sidewalks should be kept clear of obstructions including low-hanging branches.  Any significant pruning of tree branches within the planting strips should be coordinated with the City Parks Manager. 

Broken or damaged sidewalks are a City responsibility as long as the condition was not caused by the act of a homeowner, such as uplift from trees planted on the owner’s property or from owner-planted trees in the planting strips.  When a sidewalk is damaged the homeowner can call the Public Works Department and the City will inspect the sidewalk and grind, patch or repair the area if the homeowner is not at fault for the damage.  Replacement may also occur; however, any replacement work will be scheduled on an existing waiting list.  The owner may choose to pay an outside contractor to perform the repairs but a permit may be required.  It is recommended that the owner contact Public Works or the Street Maintenance Department for more information about this process.  In some instances no permit or streamlined process may be available.

Minor changes to a planting strip are allowed such as ground cover, grass or decorative gravel, but the removal of any tree, the significant pruning of a City-planted tree or the introduction of any new tree must be coordinated through the Public Works Department and may include an encroachment permit.  Only certain types of trees are allowed due to the invasive root systems of many tree species.

Contact Nader Mansourian, City of San Rafael Public Works Director at (415) 485-3355 for more information.


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