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26 April 2014 Candidates' Night - Tuesday, 13 May, 6.30-9pm - St. Luke Church


25 July 2013 Security Issue Update (Members Only members only)
13 May 2013 Some “Trips” Aren’t Worth Taking… - Despite all of our hopes to the contrary, sidewalk maintenance falls to the homeowner’s responsibility throughout San Rafael. Any “trippy” ramifications of the concrete roller-coaster-like terrain in front of your home is your legal responsibility, not the City of San Rafael’s. See: Ca. Streets and Highways Code section 5610-5618. Old growth tree roots are a major contributor to our cracked and dangerous sidewalk condition. The Public Works Department is willing to help, to some extent, in the solution. But, if someone falls and gets hurt, you, as the property owner, will be the one to pay the price. Your insurance company may not advocate for you on an uncorrected “unsafe condition”. Play it safe… We urge you to Fix your sidewalk!

For more information regarding possible help from the City of San Rafael, please email or contact us via mail sent to Peacock Gap HOA, 384 Bel Marin Keys #210, Novato, CA 94949-5362.

6 May 2013 Litigation Disclosure (24 July 2012) (Members Only members only)


January 25 Update: PSPR Median 2012 schedules


September 21 Sign Up for Quarry Tour, Oct 22
September 17 HeadsUp Summerfest on Sept 24
September 9 Board Amends PGHA Delinquent Accounts Policy
September 4 Save the date: 2011 BBQ on sept 18!
September 1 Invitation to Local 9/11 Commemoration
Also see Flyer for this event
August 16 China Camp 2011 Heritage Day
August 13 PGHA Annual Meeting Announcement
August 8 China Camp Park in Jeopardy | Flyer
August 8 Safety Tips from the SRPD
July 17 Assessment Notice re: Point San Pedro Road Median Landscaping
July 7 Update on Peacock Drive Pump Station
July 7 Shark Sighted in Peacock Lagoon
June 29 Respected Former Board Member Passes
June 22 PSPR Medians Project To Go Forward
June 16 What is a Homeowners Association?
(with permission from Berding | Weil)
January 15 Unwaste event at SRHS, 26-27 Feb
January 7 Call for Entries - photos from the neighborhood


December 14 Acorn Planting Announced
October 28 Marin County Triathlon, Sunday 10/31
October 26 Country Club mentioned in MMWD Update
October 26 PGHA Annual Meeting Announced
October 19 Local Fire Station Requests Volunteers
October 14 Crime Watch Update
October 7 Pumpkin Patch Benefits SRHS
September 13 Andy's Summerfest is Coming
September 13 Quarry Permit Conditions Revealed
September 12 Board Announces By Laws Changes
September 9 PSPR Median Beautification Vote To Be Set
September 6 Volunteer to help with the BBQ!
September 4 Annual BBQ Announced
August 18 CERT Classes Start in September
July 3 OES Fire Bulletin
July 2 San Marino Monument Complete
June 23 SRPD Burglary Alert
June 5 Board Vacancy
May 18 Ribbon Cutting Celebration Planned
May 13 Medicine Collection Day, June 19th
May 3 San Pedro Rd Medians Improvement Begins
April 25 Board Announces Delinquent Accounts Policy
April 20 Point San Pedro Road Coalition - Medians Improvement Meeting, May 1
April 8 Glenwood Elementary School Online Auction Now Open
April 6 CBS5 Interview with Greg Faulkner, President PGHA
March 20 Caltrans 580/101 Connector Project Begins Soon
March 15 Thieves Operating in the Area
March 9 Update on 2009 Burglaries
March 8 Medians Photo Gallery
March 8 Glenwood School Fundraiser and Auction Begins
February 25 February 2010 Newsletter
February 23 Medians construction slated to begin
January 17 Solicitors Active
January 13 Medians Bids Released
January 10 Earthquake Alert - Be Prepared


Nov 15 - New Entryway sign on Peacock Drive
It's here and it's beautiful. During a little "sign party" on Sunday 15th November, with drinks and cake and promotional activities for the upcoming PGHA Annual Meeting, our President, Greg Faulkner, masterfully did final adjustments and installed the new entryway sign.
See the pictures


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